Fiction short


KLO 14.30 - 16.10


director: Frederico Pereira
SYNOPSISIn a village of the portuguese interior, David, a landfill worker in his thirties, has ahard decision to make: move in with his girlfriend to the capital, fighting for theirincreasingly weakened relation, or go on living with his mother, that couldn't handlethe household expenses by herself.


director: Nuno Baltazar
SYNOPSISIn the Tejo river estuary, a Chinese girl and her mother survive by catching clams, an activity illegal in the area. The mother only speaks Mandarin and relies on her young daughter to translate everything for her. Their life in Portugal, a country once presented as "The West Coast of Europe" in tourism campaigns, is nothing close to the "American Dream".


director: Adriana Martins da Silva
SYNOPSISAna is in her thirties and unable to share physical intimacy. She has recently started dating and feels increasingly anxious. Her therapist, who is also dealing with her own personal issues, incites Ana to overcome her fears and experience pleasure. As their stories intertwine, unexpected challenges emerge.

EARTH 2084

director: Nuno Sá Pessoa
SYNOPSISThe World Union is established to take over after the big collapse, but their control gets tighter and tighter, hunting down any deviant elements. Meanwhile, the world plunges into filth as the currency crisis has no end in sight. Will something save this society before it’s too late? Can we as a society let it be saved?


director: Patrícia Maciel
SYNOPSISThe world seen through Ana Lara's eyes. Between illness, manipulation and love, Ana Lara lives in constant confrontation with her own escape.


Director: Flávio Ferreira
SYNOPSISThe eternal guilt, the attempt at redemption, the infinite ramifications. There is no turning back to what Marília has done.