klo 18.30-17.45

entertain me

director: Hugo
SYNOPSIS: What goes on inside the head of a human being?Through labyrinths of light and shadow our main character searches within himself for answers to the doubts of his life ...

the headless nun

director: Nuno Sá Pessoa
SYNOPSIS: A thief meets the maker of the Universe at the back room of a gas station.-


6'director: Ana Maria Santos
SYNOPSIS In Sopro, Still Life becomes moving image - escape from dark rooms to the wide outside


director: Francisca de Abreu Coutinho
SYNOPSIS: From the break of the individual, one gets to the group show. The borders dissipate, The interior expresses itself
directors: Ines von Bonhorst & Yuri Pirondi
SYNOPSIS “Lisbon Story”, in this film Wim Wenders pays tribute to Federico Fellini where he shows the city of Lisbon as the perfect postcard. Oppositely to the reality shown in the film "Lisbon Story" our film "The Other Lisbon Story" will try, in a symbolic way, to point out the actual following rapid and frightening gentrification events in which the city of Lisbon is going through.

8'director: Mariana Parasense

SYNOPSISMovement reverberates through space. The constancy of beauty, dynamic and fluidity oppose the world's inertia; moving like waves to reach balance